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We are a 25-year experienced residential electrician licensed by the state of Oklahoma since 1996. We care about each of our customers and do the job correctly, professionally, and always up to code. Our services range from small jobs, such as, installing receptacles, to large jobs, such as entire electrical panel installation.

No matter the job, trust the professionals at Mr. Fixit Electric Inc. Our office and showroom is located in Broken Bow, OK, off of E. Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.

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Services We Offer

solar panel in Broken Bow, OK

Panel Installation

Electrical panels are the heart of your home. Different services are available depending on the size of your home and what different types of appliances and luxuries you plan to power.

generator in Broken Bow, OK

Generator Installation

At Mr. Fixit Electric Inc., we strongly recommend generators for when the power goes out. Generators run on gas and are used as a backup to your primary electrical system.
We are also GENERAC dealer and installer
wire in Broken Bow, OK

New Home Complete Wiring

We are often contracted to install new electrical wiring when a new home is being built. This has granted our company priceless experience in all different spaces around your typical house.
home in Broken Bow, OK

Complete Home Rewire

We find that our customers that recently bought a new home would like to have their electrical wiring modernized. We are happy to perform this service and make sure your home is up to code.
switchboard in Broken Bow, OK


Installing a receptacle is a simple job, but installing 20+ in one house can take an entire workday. We are happy to install as many receptacles as you need so that you can plug in all of your appliances!
light switch in Broken Bow, OK


Like receptacles, switches are simple to install, but the inner workings behind them and what they control is the part that takes experience. We will wire your switches exactly how you want.
bulb in Broken Bow, OK

Light Fixtures

Visit our showroom in Broken Bow, OK, to see all of the fixtures we keep on hand. We also are happy to bring several options when we come for an estimate.
ceiling fan in Broken Bow, OK

Ceiling Fans

We are experts in installing ceiling fans and chandeliers. Ceiling fixtures always tie the room together. All options are available in our showroom.
support in Broken Bow, OK

Service Calls

Did your lights go out in the kitchen? Did your refrigerator stop running? We are happy to answer service calls and help you to the best of our abilities.

service in Broken Bow, OK

Other Services

If you don’t see the services you are looking for, please contact us to see if we can help you. You might be surprised!

Interested in our services? Have questions? Please call Mr. Fixit today at 580-584-5545

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